Bugtussle Estates Covenants



  • Livestock:
  • This property shall be used for residential and recreational purposes only.  No livestock shall be raised, bred or kept in a commercial capacity. 
  • The property may be used for ranching and a reasonable number of horses and/or cattle may be kept thereon, provided the parcel has been fenced sufficiently to maintain control of said livestock.  Under no circumstances shall a stockyard or any commercial activity involving animals be permitted, other than ranching. 
  • Commercial dog breeding kennels are not permitted.  Any animals kept on this property shall be maintained in such a manner that they do not present a nuisance to owners of neighboring parcels.
  • Property Construction, Structures and Residential Regulations:
  • No structure of temporary character shall be used as a residence.  Recreational vehicles and travel trailers are permitted as long as such use is limited to use as temporary housing for a period of up to one (1) year during the construction of a permanent dwelling. 
  • Double-wide mobile homes or larger, with original set-ups only, shall be permitted as permanent dwellings but must be properly installed and underpinned within ninety (90) days of delivery.  Single-wide mobile homes and used mobile homes are prohibited.
  • The Buyer will maintain a lawful residence and occupation of the property shall be in compliance with the statutes of the State of Oklahoma as well as federal regulations.
  • The buyer shall be responsible to ensure that any and all actions taken, improvements made and/or structures constructed upon the herein described property meet all applicable State and Federal requirements and guidelines, including but not limited to those imposed by the Department of Environmental Quality. The buyer shall be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of failure to adhere to such requirements and guidelines.
  • There shall be only one single-family dwelling per lot.
  • No structures other than fencing and mail boxes shall be constructed within ten feet (10’) of an interior tract property line.  No other structures are permitted along shared boundary lines within the development.
  • Vehicles:
  • No derelict vehicles may be kept on any parcel unless kept in an enclosed garage.  Derelict vehicles are defined as those which either do not run or are not licensed.
  • Waste Handling:
  • Waste Material must be kept in closed containers at all times. 
  • Parcels must be kept free of trash and debris.  No parcel may be used for temporary or permanent storage, burying or dumping of garbage, junk, oil, petroleum or other liquid or solid waste. Litter of any kind on any parcel is strictly prohibited.
  • Timber Clearing and Excavation:
  • The removal of trees with a trunk diameter of six inches (6”) or greater is prohibited unless the tree is dead or dying OR the removal is required to clear land for building or recreation sites, access roads, fire prevention, utilities or to establish a view corridor.  In any case, no more than 20% of the timber on any tract of land may be cut or cleared and commercial wood harvesting is strictly prohibited. 
  • The excavation and selling of surface and subsurface dirt and rock is prohibited.
  • Resale:
  • No parcel or lot may be subdivided and sold.
  •  Waterways:
  • Any natural streams or springs found on properties may not be dammed or re-routed without written consent.  No foreign substances may be introduced into the waters thereof.
  • Compliance with State Hunting and Fishing Regulations:
  • Hunting and fishing of all kind must be conducted in compliance with and in accordance to the laws and regulations as set forth by the State of Oklahoma.
  • No Deviation:
  • NO deviation of any kind shall be permitted from these covenants unless written permission is provided by Southeastern Oklahoma Land Company, LLC.