A Different Way of Doing Business

Many individuals are unable or simply unwilling to seek financing through traditional bank loan methods due to the strict qualifications, tight restrictions, enormous out of pocket expense and limitless stress involved in the process.  Traditional lending institutions have strict lending policies and will carefully check your credit and employment history before agreeing to finance your raw land.  Even after approval, they may require 20%-50% down or a large amount of collateral, making it next to impossible for all but a just a few individuals to actually qualify. 

At Southeastern Oklahoma Land Company, LLC we are proud to be a different kind of business. 

We are proud to offer owner financing for up to 10 years to all of our customers regardless of credit history or collateral with only 10% down.  Terms and Conditions

Helping People Own their Dream Land

We believe that everyone, regardless of financial status, deserves the opportunity to grasp their dream of owning their own land.  We want you to have your dream land and our business is designed to make it a possibility for everyone.  We are committed to doing everything we can in order to make that happen. 

Timely, Affordable Financing for You

With our minimal down payment owner financing option, we can do same day closings with absolutely no closing fees. 

Financial institutions will often require many weeks or even months to prepare for a closing and will charge multiple fees to do so.  If you take advantage of our 10% down owner financing option, you will have the luxury of closing on the property the same day that you sign your contract.  You can take possession of your property immediately and get started building your dream right away!

We never charge early payoff penalties. 

As our customer, you are free to pay off your property at any time without worrying about an extra fee.  This is great for those who are only in need of short term financing while waiting for a home or other property to sell.  Also, any additional payments you make toward your property will be automatically applied toward your principal.

Payment Options to fit Your Needs

Owner financing is never a requirement at Southeastern Oklahoma Land Company.  You are welcome to pay cash or arrange for financing through traditional methods. 

About Our Properties

We own all of the land that we sell which means that when you speak with us you deal directly with the seller.  It’s our objective to buy, improve and sell the most desirable land in Southeastern Oklahoma.  We invite you to browse our website and check out all of our properties. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a viewing. 

Our staff will work to accommodate your schedule for daytime, evening and weekend showings whenever possible.  You are also free to use our “Get Directions” feature which will provide turn-by-turn directions to any of our properties.  Using this feature, you are able to view our properties at your leisure and at your own pace. 

We may be contacted at 580-298-9093 or via email using the “Contact Us About This Property” option within each listing.  We look forward to hearing from you!

***Our standard financing policy only applies to land purchases.  We occasionally have houses for sale. When we do, they are subject to a different credit policy.  All of our land with houses can be financed by us but each one will be separately negotiated as to terms and conditions.***

***Any reference to the amount of acreage contained within our website is a value based on our best estimate of the total surface contained within the property’s boundaries. It should be understood that the actual surface area may be slightly more or less than the estimated amount.***